Alderbrook gets an "A" for service, scenery but not management or construction A review of Alderbrook Resort & Spa

This is a newly remodeled destination resort on Hood Canal. The resort offers a panoramic post card view of the Olympic Mountains, water, birds (including eagles).

The view is spectacular, the decor soothing and tasteful. Waterfalls and water sculpture set in beautiful landscaping compliments the stunning view.

The service is excellent. Requests are filled in a nanosecond.

However, in such luxury resorts, a guest notices the little details that can add to or detract from a visit.

These were our observations:

The room walls are thin, which is surprising for a place that prides itself as a soothing and relaxing getaway. It is also surprising that the room lights and furniture are of cheap construction, not what you would expect of a resort that bills itself as "first class." For example, the desklight and lamps were flimsy, as was the desk. The desk light was broken when we entered our room, although the staff fixed it immediately.

The bed however was very comfortable.

There was only one trash can in several big rooms which was also surprising and inconvenient. Was it an oversight? We don't think the resort was trying to skimp on such a small item but one that adds to guest convenience.

Also, the coffee in our room was stale. It was literally undrinkable. Again, this is surprising in a deluxe resort lodge, especially in the Northwest- a Coffee Mecca. The stale coffee was not the fault of the housekeepers who were very attentive.

The coffee is kept in canisters and a coffee press and kettle are provided. Better management would have taken inventory and ensured that canisters with old coffee were replaced. Or, better yet, a coffee pot with good old foil sealed packages would solve the problem. Having to bother housekeeping for a new coffee press every time you wanted to make another pot, was a pain. (I don't think the goal was to discourage guests from drinking coffee and I don't think the Resort was trying to be cheap. I think it was poor management.)

On the whole, it was a shame that walls and furniture of this gorgeous resort were skimped on, but at least the latter can be improved as can the resort's management. Excellent service and surroundings should have management to match.

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Alderbrook Resort & Spa
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