Advice from a Hialeah Resident A review of Ramada Hialeah-Miami Airport

As a long time resident of Hialeah I have always wondered who stayed at this hotel. While some will say otherwise, Hialeah is a safe neighborhood. Granted it's not perfect but then again no place is. However I have to say that this hotel is disgusting. I had a friend visiting once and she asked about staying at the Ramada and I strongly discouraged her to do so.

Spanish is a unofficially the "official" language of Hialeah and most of South Florida! Here's a tip for you: It's not that most residents don't speak english they just prefer to speak in spanish.

My advice is take 49th street to west 12th avenue (a very short drive) and take 12th avenue north to Miami Lakes (12th avenue becomes N.W. 67th avenue) and stay at the Don Shula's Hotel (--------). It is located in Main Street. You'll be in short walking distance to a movie theather, shops and restaurants. Across the street from Main Stree you'll find a Publix Supermarket and CVS Pharmacy.

Miami Lakes is an easy and very short drive from Hialeah. If you're ever in the area skip this hotel and head for Miami Lakes.

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