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Reports of the remoteness of this hotel are exaggerated. To reach the centre of Brussels rapidly, turn left on exiting the Crowne Plaza hotel, walk down two flights of steps, turn right, walk thirty metres under the bridge and the Brussels Metro is on your right. You can travel to Gare Centrale in five minutes for less than two euro. Central Brussels and the Grande Place is literally another five minutes walk away from the Gare Centrale.

And yes, this is a hotel designed for Eurocrats. But even Eurocrats should be entitled to have their needs catered for. I stayed in the Crowne Plaza hotel so I could attend a meeting in the EU Commission early the following morning. It is exceptionally convenient for such meetings. And I would imagine that it will become even more popular once the newly renovated Berlaymont building gets back into action in the near future.

The bedrooms are very comfortable with large, inviting beds. The bathrooms are large by Brussels standards and well-equipped. Although the breakfasts are expensive (at Euro 24 a pop), there is a wide variety of food on offer and it is tastefully presented. The staff are efficient and courteous without being particularly warm. But, in many ways this is refreshing ; fake warmth of character is painful to behold in someone you do not know.

I slept like a log in the Crowne Plaza.Two reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, the beds are large and all embracing. Secondly, the Belgian beer is second to none in the world. And, having imbibed several litres of the amber liquid in some of the more ancient hostelries off the Grande Place, all was right in my particular world on Thursday night last. If there were noises emanating from either the adjacent railway or highway, I never heard as much a single decibel.

I stayed in the Crowne Plaza on the night of the 8th of September and the room rate was not particularly cheap (although a few of my colleagues benefited from upgrades to business suites !) So I suppose my advice to would be users of the hotel is to shop around for the best deal relating to the Crowne Plaza Europe on the website before making your booking. That way you can stay in a comfortable hotel at a competitive price.

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