Adams didn't Mark the spot A review of Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel

The Adams Mark in Columbus, OH has an "upscale metropolitan lobby", but my "upscale" experience ended there. Check-in was normal and at first glance our standard room with a kingsize bed appeared no better than any other average hotel I've stayed at before; except as the night went on, me and my girlfriend found a cigarette burn on the bed spread and the bathtub, along with the toilet that didn't fully flush unless you flushed it 3 or 4 times giving this room more a motel feel. (Just stay at room 715 to see what I'm talking about)

After settling in and relaxing for a bit, we decided to go downstairs to the Players Sports Bar for a few drinks and appetizers. Getting back to the lobby floor was a little more difficult then getting to the room. It happened that we stayed the same night as some highschool competition, and the four elevators were packed with highschoolers and teachers going to their rooms. So after about 10 minutes of waiting we found an elevator that we were able to push ourway into. The Players Sports Bar was fairly empty when we got to it. Maybe like three people sitting at tables watching a football game. Well we decided to sit at the bar and ask for menus where we received a sarcastic laugh from the bartender, then told that the menus are on the table as if we should of known to grab a menu off a table before sitting at the bar. Now I would of thought maybe this was an isolated incident involving me, but in my twenty minutes sitting at the bar I saw two other people who asked for menus at the bar receive the same "friendly" treatment. After my one drink we decided to skip food at this place, and venture out to a resturant at the City Center Mall for dinner. The rest of our stay was decent until checkout. I'm guessing curfew for the highschool kids was about midnight because by midnight the halls were quiet and no longer had kids running around, which to me is acceptable after all they are paying customers as well.

The next morning I woke up with a checkout receipt under my door, so I tried the express checkout option on the TV but it was "unavailable" so we had to checkout at the front desk. I came to find that I had to pay a valet parking fee of $18 dollars. (I booked this room using and it turns out Expedia didn't cover the parking charge.) My past experiences with valet parking in other hotels that were much nicer than the Adams Mark stated the terms of parking before checkin and the cost was at least half as much as this ridiculous $18 fee. Don't get me wrong, I would happily pay the parking fee, but its not worth it at this hotel.

All in all, if you have to stay here, I recommend to be aware of any competions, banquets, or meetings involving large amounts of people during your stay, don't stay in room 715 if you are expecting high quality, and defenitly park on the street. We could of parked for free as far as half a block away around the corner.

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