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Given that the two reviews posted here were so radically different, my boyfriend and I were a bit nervous upon arriving at the Redwoods. Thankfully, we were delighted with cabin #77! We chose the Redwoods, and the cabin, specifically because we have two dogs and it is almost impossible to find anywhere in the Valley that will take pets.

The Redwoods are vacation homes which the owners rent out and are managed on-site by a property management company. The people running the office were very very nice and willing to help us with anything we needed. We experienced a blackout while there (not at all uncommon in the Valley, though more common in winter), and we got more oil from them for the oil lamps provided in all cabins. Our cabin was big, clean, and equipped with absolutely everything we needed--firewood for the lovely fireplace, cooking supplies, coffeemaker, extra linens, VCR, CD player, books, you name it. We had a huge deck with a BBQ grill and the cabin was set back from the road and our neighbors, while near, were quiet and barely noticeable.

There are trails that run in and near the Redwoods (it is actually located within the boundaries of the southern part of the park) and the main part of the Valley is about a 45 minute drive. We took our inflatable boat to Bass Lake, which is very close and located in Sierra National Forest. You can take motorized boats and jet skis there too. It was very beautiful. Lots of restaurants and stores are located in nearby Oakhurst, about 22 miles away.

There are three tiers of houses at the Redwoods: Economy, Standard, and Premium. Perhaps the person who had a terrible experience was in an economy cabin, or perhaps they just had a bad house. We had a great house--we liked #77, a Standard house. Even though it wasn't "modern" in decor, it had everything we could desire in a vacation home. Beautiful setting, big, clean and well stocked, comfortable, fireplace and deck to while away the hours, and a place where our puppies were welcome. Check out their web site, and look at the houses. Maybe you'll have the good experience we did!

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The Redwoods in Yosemite
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