Absolutely WONDERFUL VACATION A review of The Cove Atlantis

My boyfriend and I just returned a week ago from visiting the new Cove atlantis on paradise Island, and it was absolutely fantastic. I was worried before I left because I read alot of bad reviews, but fortunately I didn't experience any of the things people complained about. The room was awesome, some people say its crazy to pay so much since you don't spend alot of time in the room. I think it was worth every penny though, it was nice to come back to such a nice room everynight. We stayed in a Deluxe Ocean suite and our view was amazing. Every morning I woke up and went out on my balcony to take in how beautiful it was. The weather was perfect everyday, but it is the bahamas so I guess that is a given. We arrived sunday around 4 and left the following thursday around 1. The property is huge but we managed to walk around and see everything over the 3 whole full days we had. For those who do not like to walk I could see where this place could be a challenge, we did not mind though. It gave us a chance to burn off the calories from all the amazing meals we had. We ate at the Mesa grill, 2 nights in a row actually. And it was a great meal,good service beautiful restaurant. Also we ate breakfast at Mosaic a buffet at the cove. By far the BEST buffet restaurant EVER! Breakfast is $25 a person,so many great choices and the food was great. We also had lunch there our last day and that was equally amazing. We went off the property to a place called the poop deck for lunch one day. This place was very good, busy but very good fresh seafood. Definately try the conch- a must try in the bahamas. The restaurant had photos and autographs of alot of famous people who ate there. It was about a $10 cab ride from the hotel, well worth it. Down by the marina through the casino, was a very nice place. There is a dozen of beautiful yachts to gawk at, and we found a nice restuarant Cafe martinque. We ate there our last night, very very exspensive but by far the best dinner I have ever had. The service was great, the atmosphere was equally as wonderful. It was a night we will always remember.

As for the pools and beaches the ones at the Cove compared to when you walk through the main pools and beaches for the atlantis is night and day. The cove beach was very quiet and relaxing. There is alot of larger families and kids running through the others. Which me and my boyfriend love kids, but if you want something more quiet the cove is the place. The adult pool was nice, but I think it was a little overrated. Very loud music which is fine Im young, but not very relaxing. And the drinks were way over priced even for the bahamas. $25 and UP for cocktails, its a little steap. Yet down at the Cove beach drinks were $10 cheaper.

Over all everything was great, I really cant think of anything to complain about. It is very exspensive but I was ready for that before I left. OH and I Almost forgot the Dolphin cay. Where you get to interact with dolphins. Great thing to experience, I definately recommend this. Overall we enjoyed ourselves immensly and I definately plan to return one day. Please feel free to contact me if anyone wants any tips or has any questions, if you are visiting soon. There is alot more stuff we experienced that I left out, but i think my review is long enough.

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