Absolutely perfect!!! A review of Hotel InterContinental Miami

What an excellant facility! My wife and I were in town for Phish's New Year's Eve run right down the street at American Airlines Arena. We booked this hotel for 4 nights. We had a breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay, South Beach, and, beyond that, the Great Atlantic. If we looked to the left of our huge window (with this awesome, fat windowsill that was big enough for several people to sit on) we could see the park at Biscayne Bay. It was set up as a Christmas village. Our room was 20 or so flights up and the view alone was worth the stay. This hotel is just a stone's throw from a lot of great places to eat. This will be the only hotel that I will ever stay at in Miami for the rest of my life.

We got a great deal on their website and thought it must just be like the other hotels we had read about, great back in their day but run-down now and just plain scary. This was not the case at all. 5 star all the way!!!

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