Absolutely Lovely! A review of South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Fantastic rooms! Most suitable for a romantic getaway. Rooms are elegantly yet comfortably furnished, with walk out patios next to vineyards and orchards. The beds are incredible! Construction was ongoing for spa, restaurant, and additional suites, but it was not near the open accomodations, so it did not interfere at all with our visit. Restaurant did not look anywhere near ready to open -- they were saying January, but I'd guess a later opening. Several good restaurants in the area, though, as the resort is in the heart of wine country. Looked like they had a nice, rustic pavillion with a view for weddings and events. Still working out the kinks with their housekeeping, but complaints were more than adequately addressed with speed and courtesy. Convenient to both LA and San Diego. Appeared to me that this will be THE top accomodations in Temecula and a very big deal when they finish construction... rates are projected to increase when the spa & restaurant are complete, but the new rates sounded very fair, given the location, accomodations, and setting. An absolutely lovely experience! (...And Temecula was super, too! Wines rival Napa without all the hoopla!)

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South Coast Winery Resort & Spa
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