Absolutely Disgusting A review of Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort

The common areas seemed okay but the room we were put in was awful. I have never stayed in a place this bad. The room they put us in at first didn't seem so bad other than the one tacky wall of mirrors but then we noticed that on one section of the wall, the wallpaper was buckling up and looked like it was starting to fall down. We complained to the front desk and they said they were totally booked and couldn't move us until the next day. At around 10:30 PM, all of a sudden the whole section of wallpaper from the edge of the wall to the window came down off the wall, exposing a huge mass of mold. It was disgusting. Since they insisted they were booked up, we had to leave in the middle of the night and come home. It was really unbelievable. Even the manager said he wouldn't stay in that room but didn't try to find us other accomodations. I will NEVER go back to this place.

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