Absolutely beautiful A review of The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

We've been very fortunate to have had 4 trips to Bora Bora and we just returned from our last trip. We stayed at the newly opened, or should I say partially opened St. Regis and were very pleased. I say partially open since only about half the rooms were ready for occupancy, but all the public areas were complete, except the sushi restaurant and children's activity center.

The resort has large and absolutely beautiful rooms. We had the one bedroom over water, which is bigger than a small house. Huge living room, huge bedroom, and a bathroom as large as many bedrooms. Both the living and bedroom had large flat screen tvs and overlooked the beautiful lagoon. Furnishings were beautiful, rather modern and minimal with a touch of the island feel very nicely done.

The pool/beach area are breathtakingly beautiful and offer a nice place for gathering. Many of the resorts do not have large swimming pools, since the lagoon at Bora Bora is so incredible. But it was nicely done and right next to the beach, so you could have your choice of places to swim or tan.

Since the resort is new, and there was major construction going on before it opened, this is not a place where the fish have started to hang out. With the overwater bungalows, you have the beautiful deck and the viewing windows in the floor, but it is doubtful you will see many fish. In time I'm sure they will come once the coral can become established. I have to say Hotel Bora Bora has an abundance of great snorkeling and fish right off the beach, which you will not get here. So make sure to do a few water/fish type excursions. You can scuba dive, and all the operators have a beginning dive so yoy need absolutely no previous experience, and don't even really need to be a good swimmer. Just some level of water comfort is all you need. Every day we saw several people take their first dives. If you don't dive, I highly recommend a shark feeding and a helmet dive. These can only be done in a few places so do them here, where the lagoon and the fish are so spectacular.

Another thing we were very pleased with was the high quality of the food. The only good meal we ever had on Bora Bora was at Villa Mahala, but the food at the St. Regis was very good. A big bonus on an island not known for good food. And no matter where you eat on Bora Bora, food is EXPENSIVE. I used to call BB home of the $20 hamburger, but I don't think you can find them that cheap anymore. Appetizers and desserts all run around $25 at the resort and all entrees are around $40-50. Wine wasn't cheap, and many cocktails were over $20. The other resorts aren't that much less, and the restaurants are also pretty close to that. So be ready.

The one negative I do feel the need to point out is this is a world class resort, and it brings all those wonderful things with it. Unfortunately, when you are at the resort, you don't really get the Bora Bora feel. In fact many of the employees at the resort are French, so we laughed about feeling like we were on the Riviera. But the resort is surrounded by so many Tahitian things to do make sure you get out and do them. Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and the St. Regis is definitely a top shelf resort, so the combination of the two makes for an absoutely wonderful and unforgetable vacation.

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