Absolutely Awful A review of Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort & Casino

The experience was AWFUL - the service was bad, and the staff did not know anything. The hotel just opened up so a lot of features were not available like pay phones, vending machines, and a knowledgeable concierge.I had booked my hotel stay through priceline.com and thought all was set but that is not the case. I was told at check-in that priceline does not cover a "Resort Fee" of $30 a day, which is ridiculous to me since it WAS NOT A RESORT. My safely was a concern too because just about anyone can walk into the hotel and access all the hotel rooms. There are also a few side doors with direct access from the beach to the hotel which was wide open and unlocked even at night. There were a few nights that I returned to the hotel past 1AM and was able to just walk right in to the hotel from these side doors. Also, I couldn't make any local calls from my room, so each time I had to make a call I had to go to the front desk. (The staff apparently did not know how to activate local calls from my room) The staff was not helpful at all and could not offer any information about local bars/clubs, or any ACCURATE information about the other islands. For instance, I asked about the clubs and the aquarium at Atlantis, and was told some ridiculous costs associated with the attractions there. I was told the aquarium would be $32 per person, but it's actually FREE.It's $32 if you want a guided tour, which you really didn't need. Also, they told me for non-guests it would be $175 per person to go on the slides at the Atlantis, but that is also false because it's only $105 for a day pass that would include access to all the slides and pools. All this information about Atlantis I did not find out about until I got to Paradise Island. It seems that the Sheraton is too desperate to keep the money and interest within their own property, but misinformation is NOT the way to do it. And when it was finally time to check-out, I see a charge of $18 added to the bill for a mandatory "BELLMAN FEE" even though we did not use the bellman at all while we were there. This bellman fee was NOT included in the $30 resort fee, which is just absolutely ridiculous. So if you must stay there, watch out for these additional costs, and don't even leave any tip for anyone because these fees are supposed to cover it.

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