Absolutely amazing, Nothing to be concerned about A review of The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

After reading some of the dergatory reviews on this site, I felt obligated to relate my experience. The St. Regis is the finest property in Bora Bora without exception. We had lunch at the Nui and spent time at the Thalasso and neither came close. The rooms are amazing, the staff could not have been nicer (all of whom spoke english well enough to satisfy and exceed all our concerns.) You have your own butler at the hotel, who on one occasion ironed and pair of pants and my shirt before dinner in just 20 minutes as I had just returned from jet skiing. The food is superb. The ahi tuna at the lagoon restaurant is the best on the island. The crew at Bloody Mary's will tell you the same. The hotel is top notch, you truly have to make an effort not to have a great time.

One review stated something to the effect that there was nothing to do but sit at the pool. I was there for 7 days, did 6 dives, 3 jet ski trips around the lagoon (great fun when the water's calm), 2 massages, biked around the island of Bora Bora, snorkeled with rays and sharks, and only got in the pool on two occasions after an excursion to have a drink at the bar. If you want to stay at the property and relax that is certainly an option. If you're active, then be proactive and you will be as busy as you like.

The caveat to the St. Regis is the price. The hotel is expensive, the food is expensive, the activities are expensive (as they are anywhere in Bora Bora). If you're going to worry about how much loot you are spending every time you go to lunch then stay somehwere else. It is worth every penny and if trying to decide wether or not to stay there based on these reviews I can say do it withour reservation or hesitation.

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