A Wonderful Hyatt Stay in San Jose A review of The Sainte Claire

I was pleasantly surprised with my visit to the Hyatt Sainte Claire. Why a lot of hotels today are so impersonal, this hotel has a very friendly staff in addition to a beautiful historic hotel.

I was told that this hotel dates back to 1926. They had several historical items that were on display.

They have a large room in the lobby area that is about 20 feet tall. This room is made of antique wood and has a handpainted ceiling.

I found the bedrooms to be very nicely done. The information in the room says that it is all residential style furniture that was bought in Italy. My bathroom has a handpainted ceiling. I was told that this is the case in all of their rooms. It is something that I have never seen in any other hotel. My bathroom also had a nice teak wood counter in the bathroom around the sink area. In addition, the pictures in the room were much more appealing that the standard pictures that are in most hotels that I have stayed in. The hotel directory noted that they were of a large rustic ranch somewhere south of the hotel.

The staff was very friendly and helped me find some great places to go while I was in town.

I also tried their restaurant. It is part of the Il Fornaio chain. Their food was very good and the breakfast waiter that I had was very friendly also.

While there is some construction going on in downtown San Jose, it did not inconvenience me at all.

Ever time in the past that I had tried to book the Hyatt they were sold out, I was glad to see that I was able to get in this time. I will definitely be returning there when I go back to San Jose.

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