A WET BED....I Would NOT stay here again A review of Holiday Inn Port of Miami Downtown

I stayed at Holiday Inn Marina Park before and after my cruise in September 2003. The reason we stayed there was because it is across from the Bayside Marketplace and we wanted to be able to shop and eat without taking a cab. This was definitely the hotel's best and possibly only asset.

The first night was average. It cost $24 for a cab from the airport to the hotel. There's no drive up lobby area in front so the cab driver stopped in traffic to let us and all our suitcases out. A homeless man grabbed our suitcases and took them inside without asking us and then asked for a tip. Immediately we noticed that the majority of the staff was unfriendly and by no means made us feel welcome. Our room was on the fourth floor and was average quality and what I expected for a Holiday Inn. The next morning we had our bags held by the concierge while we went shopping across the street until our cruise boarded. When we returned back to claim our tagged bags, the concierge made us go in a dingy back room and sift through all the checked bags to find ours.

They're close to the port but don't provide a shuttle. We paid $4 per person to take a van to the port. That was it for the night before our cruise.

The second night we stayed there we arrived with a rental car. We had no place to park momentarily while we checked in because the main entrance is a few feet from a busy street with no sides to park on. The parking lot is on the back side of the hotel but we didn't know that until after we checked in. This time seemed to go better. We were informed that parking was $10 per night and the small lot had a security guard there all night. We proceeded to park our car and go to our room. We had a room with a king size bed and after about an hour in our room we decided to go to bed. After I opened the sheets and sat down, I realized half the bed was wet. I felt the top of the bed and it wasn't wet but the sheets were. Then I realized the mattress was soaked through and the sheets were getting wet from the mattress and not the top of the bed. It seemed as though someone had wet the bed or something else the night before and they changed the sheets right over it. We called the front desk and they sent up the nicest man from housekeeping. The only barrier was he didn't speak any English at all.

He was extremely nice which seemed out of place for this hotel but it was very difficult to explain that the wet sheets were coming from the mattress and not the top of the bed. The nice man finally understood and he went back to the manager and we had to pack all our stuff up and move to another room. The new room had only a double bed which was disappointing but the sheets were dry. The next morning when we checked out we complained again about the digusting inconvenience. Finally the manager agreed to waive the $10 parking fee but that didn't seem enough to cover for that disgusting experience.

I hope this review is helpful. We won't be staying at Holiday Inn Marina Park again. Next time I'll try the Marriott or Double Tree.

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