A Unique and Romantic Getaway John, Vancouver BC A review of Compass Point Beach Resort

We recently attended a wedding at Compass Point and ended up staying for a week.

The Resort is brand new following a complete wall to wall renovation and upgrade of all facilities.

The Resorts' hosts Skip and Linda are extremely charming and accomodating and, in addition to meticulously overseeing the restoration of the property have hired an extremely friendly and charming staff.

The bright multi-colored cabanas take you away to a world of fantasy on their own, but when set against the backdrop of the crystal aqua-marine waters the caribbean, the effect is awsome! Instant relaxation!

The rooms are great complete with a plasma TV and a home theater system. Who wants to watch TV in a place like this??? But if you bring some CD's you will get the best sound in a hotel room ever! The views from all rooms are breathtaking and you'll fall asleep with ease to the steady rythum of the waves hitting the beach.

Renting a car to get around is not necessary just take the bus or cab it. Once you ride a Bahamian bus you will wonder why all busses don't blast reggae music. It would be a happier world if they did!

We went out for dinner several times into Nassau and to the surrounding area but found the restaurant at the resort to be among our best dining experiences both in terms of the food and the setting. It was also reasonably priced.

There is great snorkelling right off the beach so bring your stuff. Otherwise snorkling/diving trips through Stuart Cove Divers is highly recommended.

In closing Compass Point is one of the best kept secrets in the Bahamas. This is not your cookie cutter resort. It is a truly unique and relaxing experience. We will return to the Bahamas and wouldn't consider staying anywhere else!

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