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ter reien might be one of my favorite places i've ever stayed at, but i'll start with the very minor negatives to get them out of the way. i found the staff nice and polite but a little distant and off-putting (though my wife liked them more). partly that's just how alot of the people in brugge were. the bathrooms are very small, kind of built into the rooms like little airplane bathrooms, but they worked well and were fine and i will say this: we have started travelling annually to europe and stay in places for under 100 euros that are in good locations, are smaller, and somewhat personal, and small bathrooms and small rooms are kind of par for the course. it's okay with me as long as they're clean and nice and ter reien is, quite clean and very comfortable and even beautiful.

now the all good: i loved the breakfast. fantastic (i mean really fantastic) pastry, lox (though not on thurs. morning when we were nearly the only guests-we were there in mid november when apparently brugge is kind of quiet during the week and then packed on the weekend), my wife didn't think much of the coffee (she's the coffee drinker), but everything else was excellent, fruit, yogurt, cheese, juice, lots of strange (to me) wonderful european little individually wrapped products, etc.

the location was perfect too, just outside the crush of everything but only barely. it's a 5 minute walk to the burg (and a minute more to the markt if i'm not mixing them up). its on a canal and the canals are lovely! it is like 5 euros a night more for a canal view room and i cannot emphasize how worth it that is. the honeymoon suite looked pretty neat too for a small splurge of maybe 25 or 35 more euros. the hotel at first was pretty empty (we stayed 4 nights) so we nosed around the different rooms a bit and found some a little nicer than- was it 116?- ours (first floor ones with big windows kind of right down on the canal) and others just a bit less nice (only one window when we had two). our first morning we woke to find swans out our windows. when you take your boat tour (and, yes, you should) it will take you right past the windows of your room. of course this means tour boats are going past your window which, in the summer i suppose may get a little intense, but, i can only speak for november and it was rather nice. theres a supposedly good restaurant called rockfort (i think) a few doors down but it was closed the two odd times we felt like eating there. it looked okay, sort of expensive. (we had lobster one night at breidel de conink (sp?) between the markt and burg and thought it was one of the great resaurant meals of our lives), another block or two away from town from ter reien is a grocery store which i found interesting and useful.

well, this is sort of running on, but, good housekeeping, furnishings fine- we actually had a rough, very pretty old desk in the room. a wall mounted tv useful for hanging clothes on, we had a king size bed (made of two beds pushed together). i had to squeeze around on my side to get to the bathroom. i don't know what else to say, but i find trip advisor the most useful thing in the world for hotels, but found the few reviews for this place positive yet a little mild and so wanted to reassure anyone out there that this place is a real gem, a great deal and a safe choice.

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