A traveller's warning A review of Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center

A traveller's warning

Have you ever seen a disclaimer of liability for loss, damage or theft of guest property at an accommodation? Everyone has. It is likely that you've taken reasonable precautions and never had to be concerned. That was the case with my wife and I until a recent stay at the Villa Roma Resort timeshares located near Callicoon in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

This resort's timeshare units include daily housekeeping services. On our second day we asked that these services not be provided during our stay. A reasonable precaution? It didn't work. The following day it became apparent that there had been an unauthorized housekeeping visit during our absence and that a cardboard container of travelling materials had been removed from the kitchen area. Gone, about $250.00.

The electronic lock system had recorded entry by us and the housekeeping staff only. Even though other valuable items in the unit had remained untouched, resort management refused all responsibility for a probable employee error.

Caveat: The Villa Roma Resort timeshare has a published disclaimer. They mean it!

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