A Stunning Inn A review of English Inn

My husband and I had our wedding at the Inn in August. I am so surprised that it recieved low reviews. For seekers of quaint paradise there is so much. The gardens are beautiful and the rooms are romantic.

It is true -that they are still in renovations since the owners sold it to investors and they will be revamping the inn to a resort style atmosphere. BUT....you cannot take away from the ambiance that awaits you. It is WELL worth the money!!!!

This type of Inn is for honeymooners (not single people or people who have to be right in the heart of town) since it is about 10 minutes from town situated in a more residential location. Once you are on the grounds, it seems like the city is a million miles away.

For a wedding reception nothing can compare to the beauty it unfolds. I hope that you do give this Inn a chance since it has been such a magical experience for bothof us.

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