A Room with a View, But a Bit Mousy A review of Hilton St. Louis At The Ballpark

I stayed at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark for two nights during mid-July 2006 for a business conference. Check-in was quick enough, but the desk staff failed to mention that my room was in the West Tower rather than the East Tower (which had elevators adjacent to the front desk). After using the East Tower elevators and discovering that the room noted on my guestfolio did not exist on that floor, I returned to the front desk where they explained that my room was in the West Tower, about a two minute walk through the hotel.

Upon locating my floor, I found myself among numerous lamps obstructing the hallway. Apparently, the hotel was replacing its lamps; not a bad thing. The room was comfortable, and had a great view of Busch Stadium's open outfield wall.

During the conference, I was in one of the hotel's smaller ballrooms listening to presentations. All of sudden, the presenter screamed "There's a mouse!", and the room went into pandomonium. I must admit, that is the first time I have seen a mouse upstage a presenter!

My only other complaint is that I was charged for a movie that I did not watch. When I asked the hotel staff about the charge, they would not assist in removing the charge, so that was a waste of $13.99.

Coffee service by the hotel staff was a bit slow during our conference's early morning breakfast time. Maybe I'm used to a faster pace, but the staff seemed none to eager to pour coffee for breakfast guests.

All in all, the hotel is a bit tired, but it seems like improvements (such as the new lamps in the guest rooms) are being undertaken. I would like to return after the renovations are complete to see what Hilton has done with this property.

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