A Romantic Getaway A review of Avila La Fonda Hotel

My husband took me to Avila La Fonda to celebrate our two year anniversary (Januray 29, 2005)!! We loved it! This place is very romantic and magical. The decorations are very authentic and creative. This place also has everything you can possibly need starting with a Flat Screen TV, DVD player, CD player, IPod Dock, an elobarate coffee maker, towel warmer...I could go on!! They also have a small library of books and movies. We absolutely loved everything about this place and have been recommending it to our friends who already booked their rooms.

Although we were right across the laundry room, we could not hear it. Also, there is a parking lot on the North side of the hotel, but as long as you stay indoors, it shouldn't bother you.

Even though Avila La Fonda is only 2-3 hours away from our home which is not very far, I felt like I was in a far away place. We plan on coming back to celebrate my birthday in May!!

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