A Really Beautiful Hotel A review of Marriott Hollywood Beach

We just returned from a week's vacation with a 10 year old boy and had a beautiful stay at this new Marriott. It had only been open for about six weeks and we were just lucky to find it. The place is really good looking. They spent 30 million renovating it and it shows. The lobby, indeed the whole hotel, has beautiful mahogony molding, Italian tile, and in general is decorated in that upscale island look that makes you feel like you are at a Carribean resort.. The beds are incredible with really beautiful sheets and perfect pillows.

The restaurant is exceptional. Usually, when we are on vacation, we go out to eat every night and sometimes it's a hassle finding something good. We almost never eat at the hotel because usually the food is overpriced and mediocre. Not here. The prices were really fair and we did not order one thing that wasn't better than just good. The Tiki Restaurant/Bar, which is next to the pool, overlooks a pretty beach and beautiful water. The water is light blue shading to deep blue farther out and almost never was rough with big waves.

The best thing about our stay was the staff. To a person, they were always polite. They had a terrific attitude and went out of their way to make sure we were enjoying their hotel. Somebody's doing a good job training the empoyees.

I hope this lasts. The manager at this hotel understands hospitality and customer service.

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