A real surprise A review of Falcon Ridge Hotel

As others have noted, this hotel isn't quite finished yet - the pool is still a hole in the ground and the elevator makes an alarming noise between the third and fourth floor. Nonetheless, the accommodations are first class, the included hot breakfast unusually complete, and the absence of a casino makes it a wonderful overnight choice.

I seriously wonder about their business plan - there don't seem to be any plans to build a casino, and the promised golf course is nowhere to be found. It's at least a half mile up a steep road from the nearest casino (the Casablanca). At the prices you can find online, they are giving away their rooms, and this attracts a lot of people, including some of the Motel 6 crowd. I don't know how much longer they plan to keep this up, but as long as they do - this is a great place to stay.

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