A noisy hideaway in a creepy location A review of Kent Manor Inn

The Kent Manor Inn is beautiful from the outside, but it's location is anything but an island vista. The water views are actually of a small pond behind the hotel, and the area is small in a television murder mystery kind of way rather than an ideal location for a romantic getaway.

We went shopping and sightseeing in Annapolis in the morning and then wanted to take a nap in the afternoon after checking into the inn around 4:00. Unfortunately, there was banging on the walls (literally) for the entire hour we attempted to lay down. Of course, it may not be reasonable to expect complete quiet in the early afternoon, but we were later awakened after midnight by guests from a party in the restaurant finding their way to their rooms. The hotel has no soundproofing.

Historic Stevensville is just a few shops, all of which were closed by the time we went for dinner at 6:00. However, we did have a very nice dinner at the Love Point Cafe, which was uncrowded and reasonably priced.

When we returned to the inn after dinner (nothing else to do in the area) we decided to watch some television only to find out that the satellite connection in our room was down. My husband went downstairs to follow up and was assured that someone would come to check on it, but no one ever did.

The continental breakfast was lackluster and my milk was spoiled. You could get comparable service and accomodations for far less money, and you could get much nicer service at a bed and breakfast for the same cost. Seriously, don't stay there.

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