A Nice Winter Get-Away A review of Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark

We just got back from an overnighter at the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor water park. First thing I have to say is that I hate staying in hotels. Now that I've said that, this place is wonderful as far as hotels go. Staff are very professional, helpful etc. Room very clean, spacious, very comfortable and, well, new! All the necessities including a hairdryer, soap/shampoo, plenty of towels, microwave, fridge, coffeemaker, cable, wi-fi. Toilet backed up the second we used it. Now for the waterpark - the only reason we were there. Fun fun fun. Kids loved it - trained life-savers everywhere, three heart-stopping water slides, spa, river-run, bodysurfing thing that looked amazing (couldn't abandon kids to go try it out), and plenty of inner tubes to ride, slide and whiz on. After a couple of hours in the water, we were ready to go home, but we'd spent $189 on our room so we stayed. Did another hour in the much less crowded waterpark next morning. Kids club is a nice added feature although the "prizes" for winning the scavenger hunt need to be updated - a coupon for .50 cents off at the gift shop. Instead of a $3 coke, I can have it for $2.50? So they have some kinks to iron out. Otherwise, this place is totally recommendable, and is going to add to my weekend headache, traffic wise, when I'm trying to head north to Lake Champlain and I'm stuck behind everyone lined up at exit 20.

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