A Nice Weekend A review of Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort

My girlfriend and myself, both in our early 20's, visited Shawnee Inn in late January for the weekend. In general, we had a great relaxing weekend, with a day full of skiing at the nearby Shawnee Mt. We are relatively new skiers, so the slope were more than adequate for us.

STAFF: Everyone at the hotel was extremely friendly. The staff always smiled and was very helpful in giving us some insight in activities and restaurants in the area.

SKIING: The mountain is only minutes away, and has everything an average skiier could ask for. The bar/restaurant on the Mt. was pretty nice.

FOOD: There was a very nice breakfast every morning. Each day there was eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, bagels, cereal, etc. Serving staff was great. Always kept the coffee cups full.

Hotel Room: The rooms are a bit small, but you get what you pay for. There aren't any chairs or couch in the room. The bathroom is decent. One bad thing was a black bug that I found walking on our bed next to our pillows. I guess it was a bed bug, but I am not really sure. It definitely was not an ant or a roach.

Other than that, everything was nice. The service and food allowed us to overlook this small critter.

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