A nice place but still has some kinks to work out A review of Sandpearl Resort

We just returned from a three night stay at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater. Overall it is a beautiful resort with an upscale feel. The staff is friendly and accommodating, although a little confused when asked a question. Having been open only 3 weeks they still have some learning to do to become a true 5 star resort.

We had a one bedroom Mandalay Suite on the top floor which had a partial ocean view. The room and furnishings were beautiful and it was nice to have everything new. A few items in the room were not complete though. The closet door to the washer & dryer was hard to open and close because the door had not been installed properly and was missing screws. Door handles were also coming off when used due to improper installation and tags were still on items. These were minor and overall the room was nice with modern furniture, a very large bathroom, soothing earth tones, granite counters tops and top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. We had plenty of room and the flat screen TVs were a plus.

This resort is a LEED building featuring "green" amenities. Recycled toilet paper is not my favorite because it is almost sandpaper. The shower has no water pressure for conservation although the HUGE bathtub is a total waste of water if used. I would rather have more water pressure to rinse the shampoo out of my hair (seriously, it was barely more than dripping) than have a tub that my son thinks is a kiddy pool!

One thing that did bug me was the pool area. We spent a whole day there to relax but that was hard to do. We ordered lunch poolside and did not get any condiments, utensils, or napkins - just the food in a basket. I had to go back to the restaurant to ask for these items so we could eat - not good service for the high prices we paid. Then we ordered drinks and had them at the pool edge to enjoy while lounging in the pool but were told that is not their policy and had to return them to our chairs. This bothered me because kids were allowed to jump from the pool edge into the shallow end - that seemed more dangerous than a plastic cup. I was surprised that kids were allowed to be disruptive to other guests as well, splashing and being loud without being told to calm down. We reminded our six year old to behave, not sure why others could not do the same.

There is a resort fee of $15 per night. Resort fees always seem like a way for hotels to charge more for items that should be included in the room rate. Sandpearl is no exception to this. The few items that the fee covers should be included at no additional charge. They also charge $18 per night for valet parking and there is no self parking - again, another way to charge more for something that should be optional.

I would stay at the Sandpearl again with a special promotional rate. The location and beach are nice and there are activities for kids. The Spa was not open yet but the fitness facility was well equipped. Be prepared to pay higher prices for room rates, dining and just about anything there.

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