A new place to have FUN with your Family for the Weekend A review of Comfort Suites Lakeside

I happened to stumble onto this site looking for information for another vacation we are planning and figured I would check it out by looking at a review where we have recently stayed. I found that there were both pro and con comments on Comfort Suites in Houghton Lake and I was surprised as to a couple of the responses... I will have to stay that I have stayed there and even took my family there for a long weekend get away this summer and found it to be a great place about two hours from the Motor City on one Beautiful Lake...

This facility is a new location about a year old located directly on Houghton Lake with beautiful guest suites overlooking the lake... I noticed that others had complained about not being on the lake... Well as any good traveler would know if you want to stay on the lake you are going to pay more... If you want to overlook the lake your are going to have to pay more, and you also have to request to have a lake front room when booking... (that's why there are diffrent rates!)

I would have to say the room rates at this facility and the quality of the facility are par or better with where I have stayed around the country... Now if you want a $75 dollar room to sleep, there is a super 8 around the corner that I priced out. But to have the benifits of a New Facility - Suite Rooms - Indoor Pool with Waterslide, Lazy River hot tubs and a Tiki Bar (for the big kids) - Full Service Resturant and Bar - Work out Room - Game Room - and FREE Morning Breakfast - and a BEAUTIFUL LAKESIDE ROOM to sit on your Balcony and watch the sun come up then you want to be staying here...... Will I be back YOU BET Will I be telling others, DONE

Ohhh Yea, should you want to have a Beautiful Wedding Reception there was one going on when we stayed there.. (there was a band and there were kids opening and closing hallway doors but it sure was not a problem as others have noted!!!) I spoke to the Grooms Father and he was from New York and was saying how great the area and Hotel was, and how well and things went at the Reception and was hating to go home!

Well hopefully these comments will help you make your decission to stay at a Wonderful Facility that you and your family will have fun at and tell others about. I know we'll be back as I already have reservations made for a 4 day Snowmobile getaway in January, hope to see you there, and hope your comments help me with my trip next week to Atlanta.

To the owners and managers Keep up the good work, remember we all have bad days! You have a Great Location and Full Featured Facility and with as many people as you have come through your doors, unfortunatelly you have to expect a few bad apples!!!!

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