A new name for an old place A review of Holiday Inn - Apex Vail

For many years this hotel was known as the WEST VAIL LODGE, WEST VAIL INN, INN AT WEST VAIL, and similar permutations. Now, after a ten million dollar renovation it has been transformed into the HOLIDAY INN and the APEX LODGE. It's still located on the frontage road on the North side of the highway about as far away from Vail Village as you can get without leaving Vail entirely.

I've probably stayed in this hotel more than a dozen times, before, during, and after its changes, so I'm qualified to comment on them. The renovations have added nice granite countertops and upgraded wood trim and furniture to the rooms, but the walls are still thin and you'll open your windows only if you find the sound of trucks on I-70 restful.

The Apex Lodge is some sort of a condo-ized part of the hotel that has claimed the top floor or two. As a guest, there is no apparent difference in rooms except they don't award Priority Club points, so if you're a points collector, don't let them book you in this area.

The "Little Bear" bar and restaurant hasn't changed a bit during the transformation. Expect average food and slow service. Fortunately, the sushi place in the lobby, "Nozawa" is still one of the best places in Vail for dinner. It's no secret however, so expect to wait if you dine at prime time.

(VAIL INSIDER TIP: Virtually everyone decides they want dinner between 7 and 7:30pm. If you show up at any restaurant that doesn't take reservations at 6:50pm, you'll slide in instantly. Wait 15 minutes and you may wait longer than an hour for a table)

Bottom line: If the Holiday Inn is offering a significant price break from other Vail Hotels, it is an OK place to stay, but if all else is equal, I'd stay closer to town.

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