A lot less than 5 stars A review of Hotel Cataratas

A self proclaimed 5 star hotel, it really falls short. Upon entry into the hotel, it does have a small sense of grandeur. However, the rooms are old and definitely need to be upgraded. The door keys are difficult to use for a so called "5 star hotel". The toilet was dirty, shower was old, towels they provided had stains on them (from God knows what...). The staff were not the most helpful either. When I asked where to catch a bus to the falls, they simply said...outside. I didn't know what a standard bus stop looked like, so I literally stood outside and tried to wave down a bus, to no avail. I was told by a nice by stander, that the bus stop was some stop sign 50m away. The location of the hotel is not the best. It is a 30 minute walk from the city centre. To get there, you will need to catch a bus, or a taxi. As a woman on a budget, I had to resort to walking. The only good thing out of my stay in Hotel Cataratas, was the included breakfast buffet (hot food included. Not the best, but still acceptable). The swimming pool was also quite nice. Facilities outside were very acceptable.
Reviewed by Mar 14, 2012
Hotel Cataratas
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