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Ok, let me give you some what of an objective and realistic view of the Resort as it stands today. As the resort was sold from a private, locally owned, family opperation with the input and talents of the locals into the daily opperations to what is today a corporate run money making machine, you have to excuse the problems the resort is seeing. They just closed the resort for 6 months for renovation. As this is the case, the majority of the staff either left or was let go because of the closure. Cooks, knowledgable staff, ... most of the people who lived on the island and worked at the resort for 10-15 years had to pick up and leave. With the re-opening this spring, they began looking for staff. Too bad it's hard to pull quality staff when you know you are anticipating another closure in 6 months for a second renovation project. This is the reason most of the staff right now looks under 20 because most of them just graduated Orcas High.Granted I may be slightly biased, knowing the prior owner(s) personally, but I have been visting the resort for the past 20+ years and have seen it go up and down. For those people who have visited for as long as I have, you have seen the Dining and Food services go down as well as the spa and landscaping. The rooms have been re-done, but now there is no individualism in the rooms. The hillside rooms used to have individualism in them as well as a little bit more romantic feel. The bathrooms have improved over the years which is a plus but I have to agree that for the most part, the resort has gone down hills since the sale in 1999 and is now finally being turned around all but slowly. If you love the area, the view and the people, i would say go. If you're looking for a romantic getaway or even a family getaway, stay at one of the local B&Bs ... you'll have a better experiance.

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Rosario Resort and Spa
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