A Huge Dissapointment A review of Corinthia Hotel Prague

There may be parts of this hotel that are 5 star but we didn't find them.

The rooms were absolutely bog standard. We got upgraded to the excecutive floor and there was nothing special here. The decor was dated, comfort was nonexistent and no 5 stars for our on the wall blow dryer. If we wanted to consider spending time in the room to relax and take a break the only thing we could have had without charge was the water. The breakfast was nothing special and busy this lead to a lack of service, food running out and unclean tables. The view from this resturant was concrete when you could see out of the ripped tinted plastic on the windows. We decided to experience the delights of Prague for our other meals.

Prague is a very special city but this is not a special hotel to compliment such a city.

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