A Hotel with history. A review of Rocco Forte Hotel Astoria

We chose the Astoria over the other hotels on Nevsky Prospekt for it's history.It was a pleasant mix of old-fashioned elegance. It isnt your typical mass-produced business hotel.

The rooms were pleasant, with an atmosphere of old-style European grand hotels, with stately spacious mosaic bathrooms. The bedrooms were pleasant and well equipped with modern amenities and the decor managed to be both traditional yet fresh.

The lobby and other common areas in the hotel are grand in a style that isnt often seen elsewhere-pleasant if you like that sort of thing.

The service was the way we liked it- pleasant,slightly understated, courteous without being familiar, yet efficient, helpful and the staff were well-informed regarding ongoing events such as concerts, performances etc. If you plan to sample the arts' scene in St Petersburg, the concierge at the lobby is most reliable.

The restaurant is rather average. There are however many good restaurants within walking distance of the Astoria. Prince Kotchubey's Palace is just 3 minutes walk away and serves superb Imperial Russian cuisine. Try the dessert pelmeni.

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