A guick mother-daughter getaway A review of Comfort Suites Paradise Island

My 11 y.o. daughter and I went to Nassau for a two-day getaway. We stayed at the Comfort Suites which was a lovely hotel and featured a free cereal/bagels/donuts breakfast. The best part of the Comfort Suites is that you get to use all the Atlantis pools, slides, The Dig, etc. as if you were staying at the Atlantis. While we had a fun time at the Atlantis beach, lagoon, pools, and water slides, Paradise Island is expensive with a mandatory $27 taxi ride each way to the airpot, $15 per person depature tax, and typically expensive Carribean food and drink. For the $500 it cost us, (and we ate cheap and got a great rate at the hotel), I would have rather gone somewhere else -- not sufficient value for the money in Nassau. Except for Atlantis, which is gigantic and full of activities, there is really no reason to go to Nassau/Paradise Island. We had nothing to do at night since bars were out of the question. I don't know why cruise ships go to to port in Nassau -- I failed to see any exceptional shopping on Bay Street. Finally, when your daughter begs to have her hair braided -- and she will -- you can get them as cheap as $1.00 a braid, which will still cost you $25 for the whole head.

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