A Great Vacation and Alternative to Cruising! A review of Atlantis - Beach Tower

At least once a year my wife and I take a vacation leaving the kids behind. For the past few years we have taken cruises for our vacation and loved each of them. During one of our cruises, we stopped at Nassua and saw the Atlantis from port. We visited the Atlantis while in port and we were only able to get into the lobby and casino part of the resort. We were unable to get into the areas where the pools were located. What we did see was amazing and we decided to go back.

We loved the Atlantis and will definately go back. There is something for everyone. We went as a couple and had a great time. Others were there as a family with kids and from those we spoke with, they loved it as well.

I agree with most of the positive comments previosly noted about the resort. We had a great experience. Instead of being reduntant, I thought I would summarize the room and food plan we had which you may want to consider in planning your trip to the resort.

The first decision you need to make is to determine which tower you want to stay in. There is the Beach Tower, the Coral Towers and Royal Towers. The Royal Towers are used in the Atlantis advertising brochures and are the newest towers. For this reason many people stay in these towers. However, these towers are also the most expensive on the resort and the rooms are not advertised to be any larger than rooms in the other towers. The Coral Towers are located in the center of the resort and the Beach Tower is located out at the end of the resort close to the beach.

We opted for the Coral Tower Terrace View room because of the more central location to all the pools, beach, shopping, resturants and casino. The resort is huge and overall there is more walking to and from the Beach and Royal Towers to most other resort ammenities. This was one of the reasons we choose this tower.

Additionally, drawing from our cruising experience we new we were not the type of people that would spend much time in our room. Therefore, since this was one of the cheaper rooms available we booked a terrace room in the Coral Towers.

Our room itself was very nice, but not spectacular. We were given a first floor room which was very nice since we didn't have to wait for an elevator the entire trip. What was awsome was our patio. It sat about 3 feet away from the shark lagoon. Early in the morning and late in the day, my wife and I would sit on the porch, mesmerized by the fish and sharks right at our backdoor. It was truly something we looked forward to each day we were at the resort and an unexpected surprise.

Lastly, we notice while we were at the resort that most people with kids, not all, seemed to stay in the Beach Towers. This was not much of a consideration to us and it may or may not to be a consideration to you. Alot of the kids activities I believe were located toward the Beach Tower.

Next you will need to decide if you want a food plan and, if so which plan, american or gourmet. The food at the resort and on the Island is extremenly expensive. If price is important, I recommend you choose one of the plans. Both are by far cheaper than going independent if you plan to eat at the resort. We opted for the Gourmet plan. The food was excellent. Our favorite for dinner was the Bahamian Club. We also ate dinner at Villa d' Este, Fathoms and Courtyard Terrace. Each restuarant had a different menu and overall the food and service at each was excellent.

We ate breakfast at Murray's Deli, Cafe at the Great Hall of Water and Water's Edge. All were good as well.

Lastly, lunch or midafternoon snacks can be bought near any of the pools or at a number of places inside the resort. We generally ate a big breakfast late morning, brought our own snacks, and ate dinner since this was all covered under the food plan. Lunch is not covered under either plan and is expensive at the resort.

As I said, there is something for everyone. We enjoyed our time at the Atlantis and our choices for room type and food. I hope the above is helpful to you in planning your trip to the Atlantis.

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