A great stay in Chapel Hill A review of Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel

I stayed at the Sheraton for two nights. The beds are sooo comfortable and it was the best night's sleep I have ever had in a hotel. The staff was genuinely friendly and showed initiative in offering their services. They have a complimentary shuttle which will take you around the area and even though we had a car it was a nice luxury. The exterior of the building is pretty simple as well as the lobby interior. The rooms have an urban flair and are a bit small but comfortable and contain a large desk and laptop connections. The hotel offers in room massage services and has a business center on the first floor. Although they offer to shuttle guests to the local fitness club the hotel has nice fitness equipment (Life Cycle brand) and I found no need to go outside of the hotel. My husband and I travel frequently and we agreed that simple furnishings and decor aside, this was one of the best stays we have had at a hotel. We stayed at the prestigious Grove Park Inn this year and the service and attitude of their staff didn't even compare to the staff of the Chapel Hill Sheraton.

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