A great place but not perfect A review of Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa

Just returned from a week at the Amari Trang and found it to be a mixed bag.

The hotel buildings and setting are just stunning and all of the the rooms have amazing views of the islands.

However, if you are looking for a beach holiday this may not be the place for you. The beach is next to the esturary so the water and sand is not particulary clean. The sandbanks mean that even after walking out about a 1/4 mile you were still only ankle deep. The way around this is to visit Koh Kradon the hotel's private beach. This is about an hour away by long tail boat at a cost of 400 baht per person. We did this every day after the first couple of days but did begrudge having to pay to get to the beach we had dreamed of when the hotel's website and brochure pictures wrongly showed their own hotel front beach as being the stuff of white sand and blue seas. The pool area was nice however, the water was like getting into a bath, not exactly whats required when looking to cool off!

The restaurants were lovely and served great food. The Beach House is a great place to have a pre-dinner drink and watch the sunset over the islands. If you want to get out then we found Lai Trang a local restaurant to be incredibly cheap with their own transport that picks you up from the hotel and then drives you back after dinner.

There is definately a language barrier though with the staff, although admittedly their english is a darn sight better than to 2 words of thai I can speak! We ordered room service on one occassion and it took 15 minutes to get the guy to undertand that we wanted 2 club sandwiches!

All in all, a good relaxing holiday. The niggles certainly did not spoil the holiday but mean that we would probably try somewhere else next time.

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