A great place but for the ghoul A review of Copper Queen Hotel

If your idea of a good hotel is a Holiday Inn, don't stay at The Copper Queen. Parking is non-existant, the floorboards squeak, the carpet is faded, it's old. But if you like hotels with character, this is the place. Odd shaped rooms, windows that actually open, a lobby that reeks with history - that is the Copper Queen.

It is supposedly haunted, but the only ghost we saw was the one who checked us in. Someone needs to teach that girl a lesson in customer relations. It seemed as if we were bothering her to check in, we wanted to eat at a well known restaurant in Bisbee and asked for the number and I almost expected her to tell us to go look it up, and when I had to go back to the desk to get the phone turned on in the room she almost snapped at me.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, after finding the other restaurant was closed for the week while we were there we ate in the hotel dining room and it was delightful. The staff was attentive and our meal was delicious. I normally stay away from hotel dining rooms but can recommend the one at the Copper Queen whole heartedly.

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