A Great Deal and Lots of Fun A review of Miracle Springs Hotel and Spa

My wife and I recently visited Miracle Springs. What a beautiful hotel! Quite a few of the places in Desert Hot Springs are small and not distinctive, nothing to write home about, and kinda run down and funky. This was really different, more like staying in quality accommodations like in Palm Springs. But without the expense! Rates were nothing like Palm Springs. It's very affordable, and our rooms were spacious, clean and well-serviced. We liked swimming and soaking in the outdoor pools. I think that there are 7 or 8 or them in what is sort of like a tropical landscape. A few kids but nothing overwhelming. The weather was perfect with a gentle breeze, which made our sun tanning comfy despite the heat. We both cooled off with a couple drinks from the bar; enjoyed the luxury of pool side service. Both of us would also recommend the Spa Treatments, too. Made us both melt with the pleasure of the experience. I read the review where it said that Miracle Springs was a motel. That's just plain wrong. While it's not the Givanche, nor the Ritz Carlton, it's a class above the best Holiday Inne and deserving respect for architecture, staff and appointments. It's a fine hotel with very affordable prices and that's why we're soon going back.

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