A Garbage Dump A review of Ocean Jewels Resort

If you are in the mood while on vacation to wallow in a pile of garbage, make sure you stay at the Travelodge. This place is a piece of trash that is only designed to make you puke. When we 1st arrived, we were told our week's stay was only booked for one night. They made changes for longer after some confusion but told us we would have to check out of the 1st room by 11:00 and then come back into another at 3PM the next day. We went to the 1st room on the 5th flr. by walking through the grimmy lobby and "game room" (2 arcade games?) into the greasy elevator. Exiting onto the concrete walkway covered with who knows what, we had to step over garbage laying in the walkway. We then were startled by 3 pigeons just laying in a corner, I guess waiting for more garbage to spill for their dinner. After traveling for 2 days to Florida, my wife and son were crying for such deplorable conditions. We left and went looking for another hotel right away after checking in. But the hayseed desk clerk said she was going to have to charge us for the night just the same. This place is a con game for vacationers, stay away, stay away, stay away, unless of course you like sleeping in garbage.

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