A few Quirks, But a Very Nice Stop in Mesquite A review of Falcon Ridge Hotel

We regularly stop in Mesquite and after having read a few reviews of this place, figured we would give it a shot. Turned out to be a very pleasant experience. The hotel is clean, new and tidy and considering the size of this town (for now) is very convenient to the casinos, should you wish to include a visit to one in your stopover.

One would have to search to find faults with the hotel, although hotel operations are obviously new to those running the place. We were traveling with another couple and I had asked for rooms not to be adjoining. When our travelling companions returned to the front desk, the employee announced to us all that she was sorry, but had put us next door to each other anyway. Just a small embarrassment - but not very professional on their part. The owners must have fallen for some room key entry system that requires expensive key replacements. We had to sign an agreement to reimburse them $10 for a lost key. Thanks for passing the worry on to us! They also made copies of our drivers licenses, which I did not appreciate, claiming they needed to track down those who might trash a room. I was too tired at check in to argue, but thought this an undue privacy invasion and asked for the copy back in the morning.

The shower curtains rods (in both rooms) were installed too close to the tub which gave us all the the unpleasant experience of shower curtain contact during our showers.

As you see, the complaints are minor and I'm certain the operation will smooth out as they get more guests. The hotel was a very good value and a welcome change from the tired rooms at the casino hotels. We are staying at the Falcon Ridge again next week.

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