A family orientated hotel A review of Fredericksburg Inn & Suites

I had spent the previous nite at the F'burg La Quinta, so I found this hotel to be a bit of a disappointment. The room is not anywhere as large as the La Quinta, both pools were filled to the max with kids having a ball and making noise (as kids are prone to do). The parking lot is limited and fills up early and if you go out at nite and come in late, finding a spot to park can be a real adventure in itself. The bathroom was tiny and since the rooms opened to the outside, you could hear people outside your door as well as cars coming and going.

I will give these folks an A+ for their continental breakfast, as it is one of the most enjoyable that I've ever eaten. The breakfast area was rather small and it didn't take much to have quite a crowd waiting to serve themselves something to eat.

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