A fabulous experience, start to finish A review of The Mark Addy

Let me first say that my husband and I have found the innkeepers at the Mark Addy to be some of the warmest and most gracious and welcoming we've met. (Since we've stayed in 75 B&Bs, that's pretty good.) They are attentive and friendly and genuinely interested, and still know when to tactfully withdraw, which is a rare talent. (Well, that and slightly warped - we do enjoy a good sense of humor.)

Each room is decorated within a theme, with perfect colors and a well-developed sense of comfort. And breakfast - oh my, I even took *pictures* the breakfast was so beautifully presented!

In a beautiful dining room with a pastoral view and a lovely wall mural, fresh flowers, and food that just kept coming, one delicious morsel following another.

If you're looking for a way to step out of the humdrum and have a taste of the exquisite, the Mark Addy is the place to go. Top notch. Just go.

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