A dumpy hotel that needs serious internal attention A review of Quality Inn at Lake Powell

The hotel looks OK on the outside, but the rooms are hovel quality at best. The "free" internet access requires them putting a $200 "deposit charge" onto your credit card as they have their "free" internet access only on the wall sockets that power is on. Somewhat misleading advertising for the proximity of walking distance to food and drink -- only one steak house and nothing else. My wife was NOT IMPRESSED to find a dirty toilet seat and --- hairs on the floor in the bathroom. The pool looks inviting, but is locked under padlock and staff said they didn't "know" where the key was. A small argument in the parking lot as workers were spraying TAR and didn't seem to care that the wind was carrying it towards our car. Had we known there were better properties more suitable and closer to restaurants, we'd have NEVER stayed at this property.

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Quality Inn at Lake Powell
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