A disastrous WE at Doubletree A review of Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport

First our room has no AC. I called front desk and complained about it and they told us to give it time and it will get cooler. I left for lunch and came back 3 hours later the room was still hot. I called the front desk again and I was told they were checking on it. Before heading out for my first NYC excursion, I decided to pay front desk a visit. This time thinking either they give me another room or I was going to check into another hotel. They came up with an excuse that their mechanic could not fix the problem but they did not bother to tell me. I finally got another room and got no luggage moving assistant offer. The story was not end here. After my first trip to NYC, I bought two pair of shoes. I took out the first pair and used it on the 2nd day. The 2nd pair was still in box in the shopping bag. When I came back on the 2nd day, the new shoes and the shopping bag were missing. I reported to the hotel management and they filed the missing report with my receipt included. The 4th day I checked out and business as usual. I mentioned about my missing shoes report and the front desk told me that Doubletree Management will come back to me later. I left the hotel with a business card with no written apology or copy of the report from the hotel. Based on this experiment, I strongly suggest to traveler who has interest to stay at this hotel to reconsider somewhere else.

By the way, I did not mention the AC unit is a very loud local unit by the window with thermostat on the wall. It either runs on full blast or dead stop. It only gives the feeling of central air by the look of the thermostat on the wall. Worse, fan speed can not be controlled so you are either freeze up or sweating hot in the room. The bath room is very cramp with MOLDED tiles.

Kent Dangtran

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Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport
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