A complete DUMP A review of Hyatt Regency O'Hare

This is a MAJOR embarassment to the Hyatt organization. Especially sad since its right in their own backyard of Chicago. Anyone who gives this place more than 1 star (unfortunate that you cant give it NONE) has just got to be thinking of the rate. There is a reason you can stay there for under $100, ya think?

Hard to believe Hyatt (generally a reliable organization) has let this place deteriorate so badly. NO service to speak of (checked in and there was 1 person on duty at the desk.... and about 15 people in line). Hard to believe for a property this size.

This place is a dump, and the Park Hyatt downtown is one of the best in town... go figure?

STAY AWAY. If you need to stay at a Hyatt near the airport, try the Rosemont property... just a couple miles down the road.

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