A Charming Place to Stay! A review of Compass Point Beach Resort

For our last night in Nassau, we booked ourselves into the newly-renovated Compass Point, sneaking in slightly earlier than its official opening. What a stroke of luck! This hotel really is wonderful!

Everyone- from check-in, to management, to Jamal behind the bar, was really knowledgeable, professional and nice. We were in a little villa perched on the edge of oceanfront, such that to look straight down from the balcony, we could see just water. The villa itself is chic and cosy, with that elusive combination of fashionable, comfortable and with modern amenities. My husband loved the flat-screen TV; I liked the Aveda toiletries. We didn't get a chance to try to heated jacuzzi, but we'll surely be back again one day to do that-- as well as to eat in the restaurant, which will surely be jumping by then.

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Compass Point Beach Resort
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