A breath of paradise A review of Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach

My boyfriend and I wanted to go away to a nice resort, so we both decided to stay at the Four Seasons Resort. When we got there, everything looked excellent from the outside and inside. We were escourted to our room and the people were all very courteous and kind. The room was absolutely beautiflu. It was spacious and clean. What can I say? I felt like I was in heaven. The next day we went to take a walk on the beach and I was amazed because the sand was incredibly soft. The water was a light aqua blue and the scene looked like paradise. The pool was extremely warm and relaxing. I loved the service. Everyone was nice. The food was delicious and we had the best time. WOULD I RETURN? OFCOURSE! this resort was amazing! I would not go elsewhere from now! All I can say is....EXCELLENT! 5 STAR QUALITY. (Romantic as well- cozy and luxurious) *

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Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach
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