A Bloody Rip Off A review of The Sainte Claire

This was the first hotel we stayed at coming out of San Francisco and we arrived at about 1 am to a deserted downtown San Jose that looked like a ghost town. The evidence of the construction (daytime) occuring at the intersection was quite disturbing as there was nowhere to drive the car, nor to park in front of the hotel. I asked the valet where we park and if we could park ourselves and he looked at me and said, "I park it." Oh well, $10 down the drain as a tip for him doing nothing and another $35 just to park the car in some far away bunker lot that looked unsafe. I wondered how we would unload our luggage with the situation and the lone valet said nothing. I grabbed about 8 suitcases and bags, which was disorganized and sloppy, I probably dropped all my clean socks on the greasy pavement but there was no other way. Finally, after putting all our stuff on some wobbly cart, we entered the hotel.

The hotel itself was built in the 1920's and it was said that it was remodeled, because in the 70's it had hit rock bottom as a "welfare hotel". The rude clerk at the desk did not express any sympathy or warmth and we took the elevator up to our room. It was a badly decorated room and very cold too. We went to sleep with a bad heating unit that clunked all night long. When I awoke, I took a shower and was nearly burnt because of the changes in the temp and then after touring the building, there were hardly any people there, we decided to eat at the Il Furgonrio restaurant but were disappointed that it had been closed due to the fact that no one was eating there. Where was everyone? The fitness room looked like a Stalag 13 exercise room, located in the basement. Everything was creepy in the building, namely the emptiness and lack of people. We only stayed there one night but it was a complete rip off as there were no extra amenties for the excessive and absurd price of $165!!! plus parking!!! If you are in the area, stay at a Motel 6, because its just the same, a night in the sack.

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