A bit pricey for what you get A review of Emerson Resort & Spa

My only issue with the Emerson is the price. Given the other options for lodging in the Catskills, this definitely stands out above the rest, but for the money I expected more.

The Room:

We reserved a Luxury room in the lodge (the Main House is still under renovation after a fire). I found that title to be a stretch. The room had very low ceilings which gave it a mildly cramped feeling. It was well appointed, but again, there was nothing to make it stand out. For comparison, I stayed at the Hilton in the San Francisco Financial District the following week, and the room was much nicer for $70 less per night (and they had a full service Spa too).

The Bathroom:

Not as nice as my bathroom at home. The water temp was hard to maintain. The toilet was finicky about flushing. Again, at this price I expected more.

The Ambiance:

This is my main issue. My wife and I booked this getaway weekend as a last hurrah before baby #2 arrives in June. We chose the Emerson because it was close to home and the Spa was well rated. While the Spa was lovely, the feel of the whole hotel was slightly down market. The rooms are literally a stones throw from the "highway" that runs through Catskill Park. For a little more money, you can get a room that faces Esopus creek. That would be nice, if you didn't have to look at the collection of 70's Mobil homes on the opposite bank. The original structure burned down a couple of years ago, and they are in the process of rebuilding the main building to open Spring '07. As we walked by and looked up at the Huge windows overlooking the rundown shacks on the other side of the creek, I began to wonder what the price of that view will be.

I feel like a bit of a snob for not liking this hotel, but I have spent this kind of money for rooms in many places from the White Mountains to Key West, and all of them far exceeded the Emerson. We were looking for an escape from the everyday. What we got was the everyday, with a nice spa across the street.

In the end, we cut our 3 day weekend down to 2, and enjoyed our last night at home wondering why we ever left.

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