A BIG Disappointment! A review of The Paw House Inn

The Paw House Inn is fine if you have low expectations and deep pockets. We really thought this was a place that catered to dogs, yet everything seemed to be a hassle and an obstacle. See points below:

1. Mario's Payhouse is just a kennel, nothing more,nothing less. Although they claim they have dog services by request, they are short staffed and don't have the manpower to provide it.

2. NO POOP BAGS! Seems like a basic service that a dog catering inn would provide, but they don't. Instead, the leftover grocery bags and plastic bags they've collected over the last week are shoved into this box at the back door of the inn. Once the grocery bags are gone, they're gone! Seems like for the price they charge per night, they would get a REAL dog poop bag receptacle and place it in the fenced in area out back where the dogs poop.

3. The fenced in dog area (the one without the poop bags) has a flimsy run-down gate with bungie cords holding it together. Since they now have three bungie cords holding it shut, it takes a brain surgeoin to figure out how they are all tied together. Why wouldn't the innkeepers just go buy and put on a REAL door lock??

4. NO Lights in the fenced in area....or at least they weren't working when we were there. Try finding poop in the dark...without a poop bag, to boot!

5. The inn itself is OK, although everything looks like it has been done very cheaply. A quick fix there, a shortcut here. For the price they charge per night, I would like to feel like this is a special place, not a cheap imitation that didn't quite cut it.

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The Paw House Inn
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